There’s a war coming

That’s why I keep fit

It’s time for us oldies

To do our bit

It’s not the young

Who created this mess

But codgers like me

At last I confess

In the summer of love

We rubbed ourselves raw

Why say enough 

When you can grab more?

We gorged ourselves

On fruits of the earth

Devoured your share

Before your birth

We mortgaged your future

Us baby boomers

Of others’ privileges

We’re avid consumers

We denuded the land

We’re champion rapers

Owners want it back?

Just give them papers

We set up the banks

To slip you the loans

You’re one day late

We’ll grind up your bones

How dare we command

Hold out your arm

When we ate the bats 

That did all the harm?

We keep on hurting you

It’s so obscene

We hurt you and hurt you 

With no vaseline

And we dress up in suits

To disguise our lust

Run bogus enquiries

To pimp your trust

Beware our hoaxes

We’re always lying

We’ll do the living

You do the dying

Because our old hearts

Turn everything grey

Switch on your love 

Like a rainbow ray

Kiss kiss each other

Like infants nuzzling

Better by far

Than guzzling and guzzling

Polish your rage

Till it gleams like an axe

Cut down your elders 

Don’t pay their tax

And when we die

Bury us deep

Otherwise, dear children

Greed won’t go to sleep.

Graeme Farmer

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